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We are the Japanese Info Blogs Top

Japanese Blogs Top, this web site, is blog top and a collection of new informative posts. It is a place that finds, indexes, categorizes, reviews and lists other top blogs in Japan. It can be your own page that we are discussing.

Adding your blog to our blog directory

We can definitely add you to our directory. This will benefit you as visitors will learn about your business. Here, you can find how to add articles, image galleries, applications, and reviews.

Blog Types in our Blog Top

Japanese Foods and Restaurants Blogs

For those loving the Japanese food, we have a special place. And it must be that way. Restaurants is the food and cuisine section. There you’ll find the latest, the oldest, and the best places to eat in Tokyo and other places in Japan. As an example, check out the Japanese Seafoods Recipe and Restaurants page or the latest article on Discounts and Coupons at Seafood Restaurants in Tokyo.

Apps for food delivery services

In the same context as above, we also accept submissions for your tech apps. We rather publish articles regarding food ordering, food delivery and food recipes. So, if that’s what your company does, feel free to contact us with your suggestions. We do list only apps that are present in various app stores such as Amazon App Store, Huawei App Gallery, Google Play, or Apple Store.

Forex and Cryptocurrency Blogs

The Forex industry and the Cryptocurrency trends have increased thousands-fold in the past few years. Crypto, and especially the BlockChain, is being advertised as the technology of the future both for finance and as a new IT paradigm. Find more about Forex currency trading on our System FX page.

Travel Blogs

What is more exciting and rewarding than traveling? International travel, Japan travel, Okinawa travel, and more. Some of the finest Japanese blogs focus on traveling. As many have noticed, Japanese people are so passionate about exploring new places, new arts and cultures, new foods, and everything else in the foreign far lands. Perhaps being born and raised on an island does make one wonder about the outside world. Or perhaps they like to learn from every source available, domestic or foreign. Either way it is certain that travel is number 1 wish in Japan.

The latest travel blog post is about the Kumamoto 熊本 and the Kumamoto Castle which was destroyed in 1877, rebuilt then damaged again during the 2016 and 2019 earthquakes.

Massage and Beauty Blogs

Apart from food, travel, and onsen, the Japanese people are also most interested in massage and massage techniques. Not only in massage centers, but also in how to massage yourself. We could recommend a well-researched lymphatic massage article that will teach you what the lymphatic system and how to self-massage yourself.

One other important section, and important part of the women, is that of beauty and cosmetics. We all know how girls and women love the cosmetic products. We are listing new posts regarding beauty products news, including product testing and reviews.

Movies and photography blogs

Of course, you are familiar with the Nipon cinema. Otherwise, how did you learn about its culture and customs? But we’re not listing only local movies. We are welcoming posts about Asian movies in general. We have a small section with Korean and Hong Kong movies as well.

As far as the photography goes we must mention the love for the bright colors. Combined with the black and white photography, the intense colors photography is an amazing thing. We love those sunsets on the water.

Blogging Technology


As you may know, there are a lot of blogging platforms. That is a good thing. We are striving to keep it real and not keep sides. However, we welcome articles regarding your favorite blogging technology. Learning is useful and we can all learn from each other.

The questions are many and we will like to start with the most important one. Do you prefer a blog hosted on your own server or VPS? Or would you rather have it all managed on mediums such as Blogger or Hatena Blog? Either way, there is a price to pay and it comes to down to whether you’re a professional blogger or just loving to write during your free time.

Wordpress Blogging

It is one of the favorites blogging platforms. It is a great tool but it has its shortcomings. It is many options, settings and it can get very heavy and bloated due to an infinity of plugins. The plugins are useful only when they’re needed.

Blogger Platform

If you’re not looking to manage any part of the hosting infrastructure, Blogger is perfect. Or, should we say, almost perfect. On Blogger, you can “post and forget” since there are no worries about getting hacked, your server being overloaded, etc. However, you are not able to publish ads, to modify the look and feel, or create your own theme design.

Hatena Blog Platform

Hatenablog is a Japanese blogging platform. Much like Blogger, Hatena offers managed blogging services. This means that you don’t have to provision any servers, optimize a sql database, or worry about TLS encryptions and DNS. It is simple. You can SIGN UP for HATENA free account HERE, choose a free subdomain name (such as and that is all. You can start writing your first posts. There are a few neat integrations provided by Hatena. I would mentioned that you can still use Google Analytics and a limited design and theme customization. For details we will make a special post. Yet again, you’re very limited in making a profit out of blogging at Hatena. It has to be the occasional personal blog about food, gardening or travel.