Face Massage

About Face Massage (Kao Massage)


Kao (顔) Massage is actually face massage. The is the literal translation since is the Japanese word for face.

What is face massage

It is basically a sort of lymphatic massage that massages the face, relaxes the muscles, and drains the lymph nodes from around the ears down to the neck and the collarbone.

How to make your face massage

In Japanese, it would be “face making” when talking about having a face massage. Probably, that is because you are massaging your own face.

To have a relaxing face massage it is important to apply a generous amount of cream to your face to protect your skin from rubbing. You don’t want any rough friction on your skin. We always recommend natural oils and creams. A cheap alternative to the expensive massage creams is the olive oil. Yes, virgin olive oil can be used for massaging. And with good results. By the way, apparently, the olive oil can also help fighting against hair loss.

The benefits of the Kao Massage

Massages proudly help the body. Doing it right will bring a whole array of beneficial effects. Here are just a few that we would like to mention.

Anti-aging benefit

The anti-aging effect is what a face massage does for you. It does help your skin look better. Also, due to health benefits you will not only younger but you’ll actually be younger.

Smaller face benefit

It is possible to make your face smaller simply by massaging it. Kneading the meaty parts of the face has beneficial results.

Detox benefit

Do you want to get rid of waste products stuck inside your body? A massage may help with that. As any part of your body, when you’re giving it attention it will respond. Massaging improves your metabolism and flushes down the toxins.

Relaxing benefit

As with most massages, the face massage makes your head, face, and neck feel more relaxed. Make sure you use entire fingers when massaging, not only the fingertips.

Face Massage Videos

  1. Yukuko Tanaka’s book on how to massage your face. It is easy to understand the points to note when massaging yourself.
  1. Change your face with a massage! This is “Face Making Massage” video that will make you look younger.
  1. Facial massage adverse effect. Maybe that facial massage has the opposite effect? Dr. Moeka explains the problem of small face massage, a wrong self-care method that is not known unexpectedly. Make sure that you do the massage correctly.

Kumamoto Airport Massage

We did have an interesting travel article on Kumamoto. There we have mentioned the cool fact that the Kumamoto Airport has a massage center inside their main terminal.

The Kumamoto Airport massage prices start at 2100 Yen for 15 minutes to 6200 Yen for 1 hour.

Kumamoto Airport Massage

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